"Thank you Larry for bringing to this space trust and inspiration, making this room become a place of exploration, freedom, support and love between the people, without judgement from the others. Guided by you, in my scene, I explored a dark side of me and I could bring it out without hurting myself or being judged for doing it but instead, supported and encouraged. I dared to do it because I was in a universe of trust. Thank you for all you bring, your love, confidence, passion for the work and for the people." Cloe

"Being in a group with you Larry, at this level of concentration and fun, brought back my desire to act and to be an actress which I had lost these last three years.  I felt secure in this group and with you as my guide. I loved your way of being so present and so  humble at the same time. Thank you very much for being so generous these ten days. I hope to live this experience with you once more." Gwen

"Dear Larry, I was only an observer during this workshop but I have to tell you: you are a wonderful human being and coach, always focused on the potential of people, focused on the work and the joy to accomplish it. That is rare. You are rare. I now have a new energy to go back to the wonderful work of acting. I hope I can do a training session with you soon!" Emma

"I thank you Larry. You helped me discover so much about acting since I first worked with you in NY. And now, we all went deeper in the work. I feel like I didn't really know anything about acting before I met you and now I am using all of your techniques. You are so generous and I feel so confident from working with you. Also, I had fun! This class has given me so much good energy! I hope to work with you again soon." Katja

"I learned to be, to live, not to act. I learned to be the character and how to stay connected to the other no matter what happens. I learned to be sensitive. Sorry, my English is very bad... but one thing that's easy to say: I LOVED IT. I hope to see you again to learn more, to live, to be." Sabrina

"Larry, thank you for all that you've done for me, for your passion, your patience and your kindness. You made me feel so free on stage and you helped me to turn off my inner critic. It was amazing to be directed by you. I don't know how to explain all the things I feel, I'd just like to work with you again!" Elodie

"With your simple words, your look, your behavior, and the exercises you did with us, you unlocked a little door in my body and in my brain to allow the power, the energy and the love. This is the first time I allowed myself to be so free. It was a fantastic experience!" Sylvie

"Larry, I learned so much in this training! The far most impressive thing to me is that I finally "felt" my character with no other judgement than "hers". I allowed myself to give her my strength and my weakness. I trusted her so much and it was great to feel such a freedom. I loved your way of digging into us and into our character and bringing the two together. Your work is very clear, sharp and what you taught me is huge, really. The way you gathered the group will also remain a beautiful, truthful moment in my acting life." Flore

"Thank you ever so much for your support, kindness and for your astute, benevolent look on our work. I particularly enjoyed your allowing me to freely try and experiment what it feels like to work with my partner truly and thoroughly. You managed to bring us together, and few people manage to do this. You have a way of looking at people which really allows them to face what and who they really are. No bullshit here and that's great!" Nicolas

“Larry, this workshop made me feel so alive and totally reconnected me with why I want to act and what I really am passionate about. It has been so refreshing and inspiring to hear you so eloquently express what I had forgotten was in my heart and to feel the room come alive as each person’s individual passion was ignited. What also set this apart from other workshops that I have taken was that you took the time to really teach us something and to give us step-by-step tools. You never glossed over anything or stated something without helping us find the path toward that goal. You are so encouraging and gentle and passionate and humble and wise. Thank you so much for this experience.” DANIELLE BENZON

“You offered me permission to start simply which helped take me away from trying to make something happen, towards allowing myself to ride on the wave of what comes my way. The reminder to remain available to everything is so important in my real life as well as my acting life. Your clarity, humor and compassion created a space in which I could let go of control. It felt possible to cut to the chase with a community of strangers, and yet, a caring community we became. Thanks Larry.” JEAN BRIGHOUSE

“The exercises really developed into an exciting opportunity to just “be” with another actor, carving out a new experience together on stage. I feel much more open and freed during these exercises than I imagined possible. You are an extremely passionate and caring teacher. You guided us through the work with a gentle hand and pace which allowed the exercises to really sink in. Thank you so much for all your kindness, knowledge and support.” JACKIE BLACKMORE

“This workshop has been inspiring. It’s amazing how much can be learned when you break things down to their simplest form. You helped me to bring together everything I have learned over the past six years by simply making things uncomplicated. A very big thank you, you’re awesome.” BRANDON BOSWELL

“I am impressed with how much I take with me after this class and I have to say that I spent more time in the moment and out of my head than I have in a long time - it was a great feeling. What a joy and relief to be so focused on other people. I also appreciate how comfortable and able to be open you made us feel right of the bat. Please come back to Vancouver and extend the class, or heck, just move here and teach full time. Thanks for the journey.” BRITTANY NOLAN

“I have learned the extent to which I live in my head and the extent to which my reactions and words and filtered and controlled. The progression of the exercises is genius and simple at the same time. As I heard it and watched it and learned it, it made perfect sense, but I felt that I really started to get it in the third day’s morning exercise where, with Chantal, the room melted away and it was just her and I and a real connection; not one contrived but a genuine human connection. I was able to understand where, when and how the magic happens. I am newly inspired to work at the craft and to have patience with the process. Thank you Larry. Really.” LORI TORLONE

“Larry, it is hard to begin to tell you how affected I was by your inspiring words. You gave me a different way thinking about the craft. You have re-ignited my passion for acting. Before this week,  I felt as if I had gone “stale”, but over the course of this class, I have experienced such an unexpected range of emotion. I FEEL AWAKE! Everyday, I went home from class, I didn’t lose my alertness and my openness to everyone and everything around me. This workshop has given me a greater understanding into what it means to be human. You are truly something to aspire to. Thank you for granting us this opportunity and I can’t wait for you to return!” KIMBERLY DEAN

“I’m not sure where to begin. So many elements that have remained a mystery to me have been revealed. By this I mean being completely in the moment with another human being. I know what that feels like now, it is in me and so I know what I must strive for in my work. Thank you for everything and inspiring me to go further.” EVAN SCHULTE

"You are the best teacher I¹ve ever had. You were not only my teacher but also a supportive, helpful and understanding friend. I wish every actor could experience your class. Thank you for teaching me how to fly in my imagination, tap into untouched worlds and create my best work possible. I will never forget your genius, patience, and most of all, your caring. Thank you." MIRYAME MASTERS

"Dear Larry, you are a rare gem of an acting teacher and an extraordinary human being to boot! Thank you for your generosity ­ you went above and beyond. Participating in your class has definitely been the peak experience of my life and my life has been forever changed for the better. With your teaching as my foundation, I am certain there will be many more peak experiences to come. With love, Deborah."DEBORAH BOS

 "Thank you for your insight and brilliance in teaching and guiding us to live the life in our acting."DARYL BROWN

 "Larry is the best acting teacher I have known so far in my career. He has a ceaseless passion for the craft and demands that his students approach the work with the same awe and reverence as he does. He has been a taskmaster and I learned quickly in this class that to do less than your most is to undermine not only the work, but also your own sense of well being. I admire Larry so much for his discipline and his compassion. What I leave class with is the understanding that all the imagination, creativity, truth and life I will ever need to be an actor is already inside of me. Larry has opened me up to the world of myself, and for that I shall be forever grateful." D'VORAH BAILEY

 "This has been a life altering experience. You are not only the greatest acting teacher I have ever had; you are the greatest teacher of life. Thank you Larry." MARCY BENNETT

 "Larry, thank you so much for these past 9 months! I always felt there was an actress inside of me, but wasn't quite able to reach her, and now, thanks to you, I have. I can't tell you what that means to me! Words truly cannot express the gratitude I have for you and the gift you have given me."KRISTA GIFFIN

 "This class has meant the world to me. I just wanted to take the time to thank you, Larry, for this experience. It has really changed my life and how I approach my acting. I've never experienced this kind of freedom on stage. What an exhilarating experience. This technique really makes sense to me and your teaching style is so open and forgiving that I was able to go to places I've never gone before. You really know how to bring out the best in and actor. That is a true gift! I wish the best in your future endeavors. Love, Tonya" TONYA DORAN

 "Larry, thank you for showing me that I am in control of my own talent. I came into this class doubting my abilities, but leave it at the top of my game. You taught me that every actor has his own voice and you helped me to reclaim mine. Words cannot express the respect you gave me and for that I am forever grateful." BRAESON HEROLD

 "Dear Larry, thank you for fearlessly challenging us to be present, to strengthen our points of view as human beings, as actors and as artists. We all felt treated with integrity and respect at all times in our work with you. Your combination of good humor, warmth, and sharing of yourself, while encouraging a dedication to hard work, made us all trust ourselves to go further than we'd ever been.

As an actor, I continue to look for greater depth, a fuller revelation of my truth, a strengthening and opening of my imagination, and I believe my work is becoming richer as a result of the work we did together; my own faith has been strengthened, Larry, and my passion has been nourished.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with you. Lucky are they who become your colleagues and students. All the best, with love," GARRY DAVEY

 "After having taken eighteen months of classes from another teacher, I felt that my acting was only truthful about 30% of my time on stage and that I was spending far too much time thinking and not enough being. My teacher had often sung the praises of Sanford Meisner, so I jumped at the opportunity to take Larry Silverberg's class, even though it meant driving for twelve hours a week from my home to the class.

Larry opened my eyes and my soul to what acting is about. Starting with simple exercises, he took the whole class to a place of complete truth on stage, a place where we followed our instincts safely and where we were completely emotionally involved in the lives of the characters. A place where we became the characters fully, all of the time.

Larry's classes have allowed me to live permanently in a world on stage of which I had only had brief glimpses before." ROBERT FRENCH

"Larry, how do I begin to thank you? Your a gifted teacher and your class has been, for me, the ultimate "aha!" You've awakened me to the true nature of our craft and I dare say, our existence. Thank you for building me up and empowering me with the truth." JASON DOUGLAS SHARP

"Larry, I want to thank you for giving me one of the greatest treasures I have ever received. Your class has given me a whole new set of eyes in which to glimpse the world. Now all I need do is live up to the expectations instilled in me through this wonderful experience." PATRICK MARCOTTI

"Larry, thank you for all the gifts you've given me and for your guidance and patience. I am grateful for your wonderful teachings and insight and for much more I cannot put into words." SARAH RANKIN

You've inspired me and ignited within me the incredible desire to act. You've cared for me and had faith, that if I got lost, I would find my way back. You opened my eyes and you taught me to feel with my soul. I now know no boundaries. You are an amazing man and I will always love and appreciate you. Thank you, Larry." MERCEDES McBRIDE

"Larry, your class was the toughest, most personally demanding thing I have put myself through, and I learned more than I ever thought possible." ROBERT AMBROSE

"Larry, your visiting master class, which I was privileged to attend, was exciting and innovative and generated a unique excitement in my colleagues here at the Broward Community College theatre department. You are a talented young man with tremendous rapport with young people. The way you stimulated us through your understanding of the art of acting, was a delight to behold. Keep up the good work." MILDRED MULLIKEN

"Larry, I am so greatful to have had you come and work with myself and our resident acting company. We were all impressed with your generosity of spirit and your desire to help us find our most artistic and dynamic selves. You challenged all of us to be more specific; to toss away all that was unnecessary and work from our most truthful and creative selves. Over the course of the workshop, our work became more exciting and meaningful. Larry, you enriched us and reset our compass and we will continue to nourish the seed you planted here." DAVE DEMKE

"I have the pleasure to recommend to you an extraordinary acting teacher, actor and director, Larry Silverberg. Larry has a genuine and personal approach to theatre and he has developed very skillful hands to teach and inspire the actors he works with. His Meisner workshops have provided the New World School of the Arts with the most enviable solidity and exciting results in our acting program." JORGE GUERRA

"Larry Silverberg is committed to the task of developing the talent in his students with a passion I have rarely encountered. In his workshops, the students felt a strong rapport with him and he became a role model from which they derived a similar burning focus on the challenge of finding honesty and truth on the stage." RICHARD P. JANARRO

"Those who study with you gain what they need to make it in this field. The acting community needs more people like you." BOB LASKY

"Larry's visiting seminar and his books have made all of the difference in the world when it comes to where my students are in their work. Most students come into my program with a false sense of what acting is. They now understand what it means to live fully in the moment, to actually do and not pretend to do, to be specific, to make it urgent, to make it personal, to listen, to get out of their head, to be open and available to themselves and to their partners.

And the list goes on and on with the essentials that they've learned through working with Larry. Larry inspires, he invokes, he demands good theatre out of each of us. He has opened my eyes as a director, has given me direction for instruction, and has guided over 50 young and talented actors in my program. With Larry's guidance, we are now doing theatre which is worth coming to see." RENEE BASINGER

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